Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Mellinger, Sam. "Double-Standard? Steroids in the NFL vs. Steroids in Baseball." Kansas City Star 11 Jan 2007 .

Sam Mellinger, a sports writer for the Kansas City Star interviewed Major League Baseball players as well as a professor in the field of drugs and sports. The author finds the topic supported by baseball fans who are opposed to cheating. The NFL’s steroid policy was implemented before the MLB’s and is harsher than the MLB policy.

Weir, Tom. "Drug-Free Sports Might Be Thing Of Past." USA Today 07 Dec 2004:

Tom Weir is a sports writer from USA Today, he uses interviews from professors in the drugs in sport field and professional sports players to test his hypotheses that clean sports are no longer around. The author finds support in the fan base, 91% of fans agree that there should be steroid testing. The article is much like Sam Mellinger’s article on steroids in the NFL and MLB.

Erik Brady, Dick Patrick, and Andrea Stone. "Congress." USA Today 22 Jun 2005 .

The authors are sports writers for USA Today, they use interviews with congress people to prove their point that congress is becoming stricter on steroid penalties. The hypothesis is supported by the people who are against steroids in sports. The article relates to the title by telling about the steroid bills trying to be passed in congress.

Dodd, Mike. "Steroids Controversy Burgeons." USA Today 02 Mar 2004 .

Mike Dodd is a writer for USA Today, he uses quotes and interviews from coaches and players on the steroid subject. Players and coaches believe that all players should be tested for everything. The article is about players’ thoughts on the steroid policy compared to the article about congress’ thoughts.

Frias, Carlos. "Amphetamines and Baseball: The Test Players Fear." Palm Beach Post 02 Apr 2006 .

The author is a writer at The Palm Beach Post use statistics and quotes to support the hypothesis that many players use performance enhancing drugs and try to avoid tests. The article is similar to most of the rest of my others.

Thomaselli, Rich. Advertising Age Vol.76, Iss. 7; pg. S6, 1 pgs14 Feb 2005 .

Rich Thomaselli is a writer for the Advertising Age Rich uses quotes and statistics to support the hypothesis that players who take steroids make the MLB money by making games more exciting. The article is different than the rest because of the focus on entertainment by taking steroids.

Snow, Chris. "MLB Steroid Policy Outlined." The Boston Globe 14 Jan 2005 .

Chris Snow is a writer for the Boston Globe. He uses quotes and facts to explain the new steroid policy in Major League Baseball. The fans of baseball are the audience and most want change in the steroid policy. The article goes over the whole MLB steroid policy and people’s reactions to it.

Bodley, Hal. "Baseball officials announce tougher steroids policy." USA Today 12 Jan 2005 .

Hal Bodley is a sports writer for the magazine USA Today. The author uses player reactions as well as others to explain the new steroid policy. There is a positive reaction from fans, coaches, officials and most players. The article reviews the steroid policy much like the previous article.