Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Day 3

1. State the problem
Drugs are becoming more and more common in the high school.

2. Give Evidence
Many people i know have gotten into drugs and it has ruined there life by making them slower in the head, or by being lazy. The school brings in drug sniffing dogs more often because of the drug problem in our school.

3. Contributing Factors
Parents aren't around there kids as much and cannot be with them at all times. Some parents do not punish their kids enough to teach them a lesson. Drugs are more common and easy to attain.

4. Solution
I believe the school should give random drug tests every year to each student. This would help prevent students from using drugs because they do not know when the tests would be. The results would be sent to a parent.


x1800WINWIN1x said...

i agree w/ your topic.
you didn't analyze it
before you did the
4 questions on it.

-Win Win
hour 2

Sednecker said...

Sam nice job! i agree with your problem. Hoever, you need to give more evidence. It's kinda of repetitive.

Fisherman handshake.
"I'm really peived. lol! lol!