Sunday, February 11, 2007

Day 5

A major problem today is global warming, this is the process when the polar ice caps of the world are melting due to the thinning and destruction of the ozone layer. Temperature of the oceans are rising and causing them to expand and the oceans are rising. Winters are becoming warmer and warmer every year. The major ice sheet in Greenland is melting and the ice caps are thinning. The causes of these are from a hole formed in the ozone over the Atlantic Ocean. The cause to the hole in the ozone is people. People using fossil fuels and those converting into greenhouse gases that break down the ozone layer. We are also cutting down many trees especially in rainforests which produce helpful oxygen and carbon dioxide. People, also have the power to help prevent global warming. They can help conserve energy and fossil fuels. Electricity and ethanol powered cars are becoming more and more popular. We can plant more trees and stop from cutting down so many trees.

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Good post but I think you need to be more specific in your evidence. Don't just say ice caps tell where the ice caps are, how fast they are melting and who/what is affected by it. Tell how much the temperatures are rising and by much the oceans are expanding. And how can people stop it? Yes they can help conserve energy but how? How will electric and ethanol powered cars help? Where will we plant the trees. YOu have good points but you need to elaborate.

Sarah Conover